‚Äč50 Walnut Street, Middletown, CT 06457

860- 391-9501 email: Carmen@CREWelding.com

About US:

CRE Welding llc is the culmination of three generations of welding and ironwork passion.  Owned and operated by Carmen and Peter Esposito and located in Middletown, CT we strive to deliver the absolute best product possible.

Opened officially in 2016, CRE Welding llc was meant to fill in the gap between production shop speed and artisan quality detail.

Carmen and Peter were fortunate enough to be exposed to welding at a very early age and went on to become certified through the American Welding Society.  After working in the industry for a number of years at various facilities both large and small they came to the realization that they could automate key production steps to allow greater stringency for quality at a greatly reduced time to complete the same task manually.  The way we fabricate now has resulted in greater accuracy, lower rework rates, and better overall finish quality than we have ever seen elsewhere.